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Favorite Performance:
DeadA** Set (Prelude NY 2018)

Favorite Moment:
Going to DC to perform for the Capital Funk's annual showcase. We got invited to perform and they treated us like royalty. We had an amazing time and really became closer as a family!


Being born and raised in the boogie down Bronx and waking up to the sounds of his father Dj'ing created a deep connection between Ronald Coleman and music. At the age of 8 he was introduced to the movies Beat Street & Breakin' and opened his eyes to the art of Hip-Hop dance. As years passed, He would mimic the moves he had seen in those movies and grew eager to learn more. In school he began studying the history of Hip-Hop and a love for the art began to grow but it was the viewing of You Got Served that took his passion for dance to new heights. After seeing the movie he began to explore with choreography and fell in love with the idea of being apart of a team. 


At 13 he created a team with his friends and performed in many school talent shows but that wasn't enough. They decided to venture out and take their talents further than just the school auditorium. Along with directing his own team he joined other companies such as Rhythm City, Hip Hop Theory: The Company, and Pound 4 Pound. During his time as a member of each of these companies he gained new knowledge, new friends/family, a new work ethic, and new plans for his career and company. With this new focus he decided to push his team harder than he's ever have.

In 2009 he went through one of the hardest times in his life when he lost his father. At this time the only thing that would get him through a day was family, friends and dance. He was constantly reminded of how much his father loved him and that he danced. This gave him a new purpose and connection to his team. The pain that Ronald and the team were going through sparked a rebrand that led to them changing their name to HeartBreak Crew. Ronald grew hungrier to keep his family together and  share their passion with the world. A decade later and he has been blessed with opportunities to perform at many events with his company, and teach workshops all over the East Coast. 


Along with dance he is also an aspiring music editor. He has created many mixes for other artist and all of the mixes for HeartBreak Crew. He has collaborated with other music editors and looks to learn so much more! He often remembers his father DJ'ing and feels connected to him every time he creates new mix. 


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