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Year Joined:


Favorite Performance:
10 Year Anniversary Show

Favorite Moment: 
Waiting to hear results at the end of competitions. Win or Lose we are always ready to push harder for the next show/competition. 

ABOUT Unique

Unique Clay is a Hip-Hop dancer/choreographer born & raised in NYC. He has danced all his life but started taking it serious in middle school. From middle school he went to Urban Assembly School for the Performing Arts in Harlem, where he grew to love dance more than he already did.


In high school, that's when the dance world really opened up to Unique. He learned many different styles while in school & later in classes he took in the city, styles like ballet, jazz, African, bachata & many more. While in school he would occasionally get with some of his friends to make dances & perform for the school. During that time Unique started to realize he wanted to go further & dance/choreograph for an actual team outside of school. He later went on to auditioning for HeartBreak Crew(HBC) & began his journey to become the dancer he is today.


Through HBC, Unique met a lot of different people & artist who would then also help him mold his style of dance. While in HBC he ending joining some of his teammates in getting further training from Hip-Hop Theory: The Company(HHT) where he met one of his great mentors the late Maurice C. Dean who everyone knew as Moe, & learned all he could from him. In that time Unique started to choreograph more & more until he was named a choreographer for both HBC & HHT.


Unique has danced for Queen of house music Crystal Waters & appeared as a freestyler for Rotimi’s official dance video for his single “Hit Em Up”. He also gave his talents to multiple underground artist like Kola Rai, Six4, Garth & Moxie Knox.


Today, Unique is now the Co-artistic director/choreographer for HBC, where he has put together pieces for show such as Sybarite: Love is Love, Prelude Dance Competition, UFP presents: The Warmup & more. He is also a teaching artist for Camille A. Brown & Dancers inc; Every Body Move, where he uses social dance/movement as a tool to cultivate the creativity of Black and Brown children with little access to the arts or arts training. His major goal is to share his creativity & knowledge of dance with the world. He hopes to achieve this goal one day to inspire the dance community to never forget where you started.


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